Construction Financial

Muhibbah also associated with cranes operation and their delivered 31% of typically the turnover towards the group in year 2006. This division achieved a major milestone in its corporate restructuring together with the listing of Favelle Favco Berhad to the Second Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) on 2006. The cranes segment is active in the design, manufacture, supply, service and rental of cranes. The cranes division’ s turnover significant increased further with continuing growth in offshore pedestal cranes from oil and gas companies worldwide and resurgence of strong need construction tower cranes.

Shipyard Division

The shipyard segment was contributed 11% of the group income in year 2006. This division has grown strongly and profitable more than the years. The marine-ship building and ship fix segment provides crafting ships, send repair, and marine-related services. Muhibbah have established very good business relationships with reputable clients within the olive oil and gas related industry, with many repeat orders to build offshore ships for that oil and gasoline industry. The continuing boom in the oil and gas industry increased typically the demand for offshore ships to service the offshore platforms. This will be a great opportunity for the shipyard division to capitalize on the huge options in the offshore coal and oil market for vessels.

Concessions Division

The concessions section is an operator plus concessionaire of airports, since well as provides operation and maintenance of roads and bridges. The earnings with this segment are produced from Roadcare (M) S/B (“ Roadcare” ) and Societe Concessionaire de l’ Aeroport (“ SCA” ). SCA owns the special rights for privatisation of international airports in Cambodia together with concession periods up to 2040. Roadcare is mostly involved in the servicing and upgrading of roads, within fifteen-year (15) concession period to maintain federal roads within the central says and the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

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