“Fate loves the fearless”

Fate also makes a contribution to00 the timing of Romeo’s death and Juliet’s waking up, separated only by mins. The prologue leads us to believe that these events are not mere coincidences, but are samples of typically the power of fate plus the role that that has in the have fun. It is also demonstrated in this play just how an individual can be weak, compared to typically the power of society. This is especially shown in the steps of Romeo and Juliet. Inside their time, much emphasis was placed on the particular Christian religion and a great ordered social structure.

There was clearly also the hierarchy in the family members themselves. This was viewed with God at typically the top, then coming down to the father of the particular family. In Elizabethan periods the defiance of mother and father was considered equal to disobeying God himself. This was seen as fighting the very fabric of modern society. Both Romeo and Juliet defy their parents whenever they fall in love with regard to each other, especially because they are of opposing families. As the head of the family, the particular father has power overall members of the family, especially females.

Therefore, the defiance of her parents is incredibly hazardous for Juliet. For instance , she is particularly vulnerable any time refusing to marry Rome, causing the anger in addition to rage of her father. The intensity of Romeo and Juliet’s love leads them to act inside an un-Christian manner, because they start to think associated with each other in blasphemous terms. For example, Juliet calls Romeo “the god of my idolatry, ” elevating Romeo to the degree of God. It likewise leads those to break the particular laws of society, making use of darkness to cover their actions from other people.

As an effect of these breaches, that is shown how the particular individual can be fragile when compared to modern society. As explained above, Romeo and Juliet are seen to fall under typically the power of fate, that leads them to the terrible ending of the perform. Being both young plus fearless, they breach the particular rules of society. The outcomes of this show exactly how vulnerable they can become when singled out as individuals. These two themes are revealed by incidents inside the play and the particular characters’ reactions to these people.

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