Herbal Tea

8 out associated with 10 people have formerly drank herbal tea, this shows that when marketing natural tea, the majority of consumers may have already tried herbal tea, therefor we wish to aim the market industry at promoting herbal green tea inside an unique and new means, so as to encourage the people whom possess previously tried it to convert to Elderberry flavor, and to convince them of trying this new flavour which is unlike the herbal tea, which they have got previously tried and possess forgotten.

Question five was a very important question in the marketing and advertising of Elderberry Herbal Green tea. 8 from 10 individuals did such as the taste of the tea. This is a good quantity for the successful promotion, and selling of Elderberry Herbal Tea. 8 out of 10 people is usually 80% that is a very adequate amount but we need to promote ElderBerry Tea in addition to look into adding more/less flavours in order in order to satisfy the 20% of people whom did not necessarily just like the taste and try to have 100% associated with people liking the preference.

Question six was all so one particular of the most crucial questions, as ElderBerry tea is going to be marketed to all those whom already drink tea/coffee and to try encourage them to change to a lot more natural alternative associated with ElderBerry Herbal Tea. six out of 10 individuals said that they would come to be ElderBerry tea after tasting. This too is usually also a good complete. It is 60% once more we must use advertising and advertisement to boost this percentage.

4 from 10 individuals were aware of the particular medical benefits which is good, as the marketing associated with the product is designed to inform all consumers regarding the medical benefits of herbal tea, which they have not really previously know. 6 out of 10 people might buy a box associated with 12 sachets of natural tea for 50p-2. 00, 3 would pay 3. 00 and another person designed their own amount on the questionnaire, which had been 10. 00. This is quite unsatisfactory result within the marketing of ElderBerry Tea. It shows that individuals are not willing to pay a lot with regard to 12 sachets.

This would create pretty a problem for typically the producers, as it is usually necessary to earn a great profit with all the implementation regarding Elderberry Tea on to be able to the market. 8 out of 10 people were unaware of ElderBerry Herbal Green tea prior to the mouth watering. This shows that presently there is already an industry regarding ElderBerry Tea, although We feel that this marketplace maybe abroad and not necessarily in Ireland, when i recall two participants being English.


It can get figured the introduction regarding Elder Berry Herbal Tea, would certainly be of benefit plus of profit making to be able to the co-op. The co-op are progressing and they are very successful at present as a result they have can pay for to advance one stage further of their businesses by bringing out a new product. Typically the research conducted has demonstrated that the Elder Super berry herbal tea will be quite a successful product due to the fact of the growing need of herbal tea from consumers.

The merchandise of Elder Berry is by far the most obvious element to use, because of its healthcare benefits, colds and flu virus relief and unique in addition to rich taste. Herbal medicine and teas have come to be most popular with the consumer, and is growing each and every day, so the elderberry tea would be introduced to a demanding market. Elderberry Tea is a fast and alternative cure for colds, flu and ailments. It has been examined and has proven to reduce symptoms faster than Lemsip(tm) and Beechams(tm).

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