IB Physics HL Lab Report on Projectiles

The water stress of Vietnam is not so stable. Even when it seems constant, there are sensible variations. For instance, when keeping the same position and angle, the particular hose spurted water along with very different results. Often the difference observed was more than one meter. Unstable water pressure might have lead to various velocities and different values. For the purpose of this experiment, we all recorded the area exactly where that water was generally dropped. Additionally , we think that the wind aspect should be considered, since the experiment was using place outdoors.

It may have affected the values in a considerable way. Some suggestions to improve the investigation may include carrying the particular experiment indoors as the results would not be affected by frontal and lateral wind interferences. This may also be sensible to locate a supply of water spray together with a constant velocity. The canister of pressured water, or a projectile driven by a compressed gasoline would have a lot more constant velocity. The beliefs registered might also be a lot more accurate if we utilized a CCD camera to capture the trajectory of a new small ball such since a bead.

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