My interpretations of the Wizard of Oz

Comparing with european culture to Chinese tradition, our education doesn’ capital t courage young man in order to think independently. We are likely to follow what our senior’ s thoughts. Put simply, we seldom think concerning what do we lack inside ourselves not mention concerning the identity of ourself. According to my in person observation, lots U. H students or European students, they would like to be able to spend some time which often is probably years to be able to travel or work right after compulsory education. Earning themselves stop moving forward in order to next step in their own life for an although. After getting to know themselves better, they are going to devote themselves to their further education or work once again. Obviously, people who increase up in Chinese cultures seems don’ t perform so. Before understanding ourself better, we tend to be able to rush to next step. And the worse factor is that we adhere to the others’ view any time we encounter with choice.

Other parts these kinds of as the viewpoint regarding family value itself in the story which furthermore stands for typical American value. Dorothy is woman with full of curiosity and eager to find a way to fix the woman problem in reality which may represent for American figures in some respects. By simply meeting other three primary characters, they also stand for some kind regarding symbols of finding their identity at the same time. Through consistent will of finding an approach to go home found in the story, The story then highlights the family ideals of American culture.

On the additional hand, it took myself spend decade to understand that tin man is usually used to become a real person and the real reason that he become as a tin man is because of some accidence. We used to think that will tin-man is a robot. I even ever request other classmates’ view upon tin man in the lecture whilst our teacher- River has been teaching the literature. To be able to my surprised is some other classmates also hold the particular same view as I have before reading typically the novel. Exactly what a coincidence. After all, as far because I am concerned, reading through children’ s literature is actually a totally fresh experience due to the fact what I’ ve figured out from the story is not only the values between western culture plus Chinese culture but in addition the similarity on values which usually might be an general tendency of finding out and about the goal of life. We maybe all lack something, that’ s exactly why we are here with regard to experiencing this life.

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