Saudi Arabian Culture

Saudi Arabia provides a very strict dress code for women especially. Females must wear a Hijab and a full masking dress which is ankle-length because of Islamic legislation. Wearing clothes that will be seen to be exposing the lot of skin will be offensive to their faith and culture. Not only is the dress code made because of their particular religion, it also performs a practical role. Given that Saudi Arabia has a desert climate, wearing enlightening clothing all the period would leave you open to the harsh sun and sand. By wearing very long flowing outfits, it shields the skin and keeps you cool.

When businesses choose to maneuver into Saudi Arabia, this dress code is anything that will need to be regarded highly because foreign clothes are not tolerated particularly for any female employees. Ladies in Saudi Arabia help to make up about 10% associated with the workforce. Women in Saudi Arabia are favored to be homemakers by society and their partners and it is unusual that they are educated or encouraged to work. If a company was to send a female employee into Saudi Arabia, additional companies would be not wanting to do business with the girl. It would be far more desirable for the women employee to be followed by a man.

As this is usually part of their company culture, sending female staff into Saudi Arabia isn’ t always seen because to choose, Having an being familiar with of Saudi Arabian company etiquette and private manner is essential to success. The concept of time on Saudi Arabia is different compared to Western cultures. The Saudi working week begins on Saturday and ends upon Wednesday. Thursday and Comes to an end are the official weekend and days of sleep. Office hours tend in order to be 9: 00am-1: 00pm and 4: 00pm-8: 00pm (Butler, 2007). When planning meetings it is frequently acceptable to be a little overdue as arriving in a timely manner is not an issue.

It is also useful to know that Saudis appreciate mixing business with pleasure. It is not rare for a business meeting eachother to get a lot of little chit chat and helpful conversation rather than almost all business. But be mindful to avoid topics these kinds of as religion, politics and women. When opening an enterprise in Saudi Arabia that is also essential to consider into account their faith based culture because this affects their day to day life. Companies must enable prayer times which occur five times a day. They need to present a place exactly where Saudi’ s can training this.

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