The Arrhenius Equation and Activation Energy

The difference in between the two is 6873 J/Mol. The significance of 9. something like 20 X 104 J/Mol had been found experimentally, while the value of 8. fifty one X 10 4 J/Mol was found by making use of experimental data to locate the best-fit equation regarding the line. Because this particular was a best-fit equation carried out by your computer working with the experimental data a difference is expected. It has to be taken into account that the difference regarding the two figures is relatively small.


In this lab, we experimentally tested how reaction costs change with varying degrees of temperature. We tested this specific by measuring out specific volumes of reactants, once the final reactant was put in the flask we started the stopwatch. We have been able to time the reaction visually by the change inside color, once the reactant color turned clear the response was over and the stopwatch was stopped. We do this four times using the variable being the temp of the water baths that the flasks had been in. The first operate was carried out with no water bath, thus at area temperature of 23�C plus the other three operates at 40, 50 and 60� C. When we resolved for Ea1 the worth was 8. 94 X102 KJ/Mol this specific represents the 2 lowest temperature and the associated with Ea2 was 9. 45 Times 101 KJ/Mol for that a couple of highest temperatures.

Our data supports the idea that as heat enhances the rate increased, this was the true for just about all four runs. On the internet experiment there is always the margin of error, within this case i was not really working in a closed environment, and the reality that we took typically the flask out of the particular water baths before reading the final temperature happen twice which could achievable provide an error. Prior to doing this lab, I actually have been told and also have read that it is a clear knowing in the scientific world that a change associated with 10�C will double typically the rate of the reaction. All of us tested this in this specific lab, and once once again this understanding has been substantiated. This experiment emphasized that the Arrhenius equation is a proving strong tool for predicting effect rates over a large range of temperatures. Right after a final analysis of our data, I feel confident that our test was a success. The understanding of this concept is more firmly set up than prior to this research.


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