The environment & British Airways

The new quest statement stated that BA wished to be the proven leader on planet travel and they wanted to set new industry standards applying better technology to guarantee better and more aggressive prices for customers. Even though we are now within 2003 little is promoting within the mission statement, the most significant addition is the give your word to be more eco-friendly. From the 1980’ s up to September 11th 2001 BA continued to savor growth both with their own business and in the particular stock market. They were giving full coverage of the particular world in addition to a smaller reduced cost airline.

After the events regarding September 11th in typically the same way that additional major airlines suffered economic difficulties BA did because well. The main issue BA suffered was that they were to slow to react to be able to offer with the problems and they only started to begin the recovery plan a year after typically the tragic event. Recent strategic changes have included steps for example decreasing capacity about many routes in purchase to ensure that there are never any empty chairs (i. e. potential revenue is maximised). BA has additionally sold their low cost airline “ GO” within order to pay attention to the main airline.

BA is also attempting to entice more business class travellers by implementing new seats in enterprise and first class which usually turn into six feet beds. All these completely new changes have so far proved to be successful. BA claim that in the last quarter their particular passenger numbers have gone up by 4. 5% and in the stock market their own share price has started to rise again. Within order to examine specifically how successful the BA strategy has been and will potentially continue to become you have to look at the company internally and externally.

To check out BA externally the opportunity in addition to threats that it encounters must be examined first. Considering that September 11th there are many new threats since well as many of the old threats of which used to haunt HANDBAG. Due to the reality that BA was even so inside the design school associated with management they did not necessarily realise these until lately. The fact that they have now realised them is actually a promising sign as that appears the management design of BA is altering to a more contemporary approach.

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