“The Fly” Katherine Mansfield

The Boss needs to have realized that suppressing his pain would never deliver his son back. As an alternative the Boss has long gone into great lengths in order to change the environment he was in. But he did not consider of which to create a new future he would have got to effectively deal with their past. Another concept of the “The Fly” would have to be able to be not being capable to move on. The particular song “It’s So Hard to state Goodbye To yesterday” by Boys2Men reflects only how difficult it is to move on after having a tragic event. But to become alarmed to dwell on the particular past, because dwelling inside the past brings little change to the future.

If the particular Boss took the period to maneuver on from that will tragic incident in their life he would are actually able to visit his / her son’s grave. He would certainly not be having mental meltdowns just by listening to his son’s grave. Simply by hearing the words “…visited sons grave” from Mr. Woodifield the Boss’ brain basically shuts down, so he asked his business office manager not to let anyone in to see him or her for half an hours. All he was capable to think about for the remainder of that day was the particular loss of his child, his / her only son, who had been supposed to gain handle of his company, the son who was going to continue his musical legacy.

When I think of fathers We also consider sons. There is never a man that wishes to have simply daughters. They would always want a son. Sons would be the gateway to typically the next generation carrying about the name tradition. Sons are the ones who will be taking over things when the father is usually no longer there in addition to with his son long gone the Boss was feeling a crippling amount associated with loss. His first and only son was removed, closing the gate regarding future generations, the end of the legacy. The Boss felt that his cause for living was shed with the death regarding his son. Having been right now a shell in the man that once thought that all lifestyle was full together which means.

Fighting together with his life, the Manager does not realize he or she is within a standstill simply like the fly within the story that is fighting with life (the ink) to really make it. As in typically the famous quote when existence gives you lemons you make lemonade, the Boss ought to use this concept simply by turning a bad circumstance into a good one. In life there are no do overs, once the time has passed it is gone forever. The particular Boss may have felt like sending death a notice. Explaining the reasons why his son should not have been taken aside. The Boss needed in order to open up his eye and look within themselves to see if he or she was satisfied with lifespan he was living.

Furthermore, time does not always heal just about all wounds. There exists a saying that states “time changes things, but you actually have got to change things yourself. ” I believe like that is usually true especially when We hear the quote “time heals all wounds. ” I feel that presently there is a catch. You cannot just sit around after that suddenly and miraculously all your pain is gone. An individual have to work in order to get your wounds closed. The Boss felt that will if he just ignored the wounds and pretended as if they were not there he would be better in no time from all, because there might not be anything to heal.

But he is just overestimating his imagination because the wounds will always be beneath the surface. Even when he does not display his pain it can always be buried deep inside. The Boss did not realize that he had been slowing down his healing process by ignoring that which was in his face. Another theme would be not giving up. If you have a good obstacle in your way that keeps knocking a person down. Just get up and try again since there is always a method around it. Do not necessarily ever let that obstacle rule your life but vice versa. For example typically the fly, in the tale no matter how often times it was covered within ink.

It got back up and cleaned out itself off even till its last breath. Typically the fly basically went straight down fighting it did not let the ink reach his will to currently, until it finally had no some other choice but to give up. This is an example the Boss should take and use in his very own life. People die every day, he just must see that there is usually more to our lives than merely to live. He needs to find something positive to maintain him going, rather compared to dwelling on the thought of losing his only child. Before it had been for his son, now it can be for themselves or his family plus friends. The story can also be read as a confirmation from the brutal horrors associated with World War I.

A representation of the generation that delivered its sons to their death beds in an inappropriate war. The Boss while well as Mr. Woodifield any son in the particular war, also it seems that they both lost their particular sons in that same war, just as many others. Due to the way Mr. Woodifield spoke of typically the grave site it appeared to have been produced to hold fallen soldiers of that war. It shows that war could affect people in many ways. Mr. Woodifield can discuss about his son widely. While the Boss are unable to even stand to see something that would remind him in the loss of their son’s presence let alone hear his name.

All in all there are many diverse themes in “The Fly” by Katherine Mansfield. Such as how death is the part of life that we cannot get rid of. When life gets difficult it is sometimes hard in order to move on. Especially when considering losing someone you have a special bond with. It also clarifies how fathers and daughters develop a close relationship together with one another. How you cannot fight with life as it does not appear to have what you would like, that period is not always the only real healer of all wounds, plus the brutal horrors regarding war. Above all lifestyle is what you make of it, you either takes it or you leave it.

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