The physical property

But it can be declared that the slowed reaction time in the starting and in the end cancel each other out. Another limitation was typically the fact that only typically the mass of the magnet was considered. Ideally, each the mass in the magnetic, and the mass in the hacksaw blade sticking out from your clamp would be taken into account. The largest limitation of all was not knowing what exact material the hacksaw blade had been made up of. Therefore made it difficult to be able to compare the experimental benefit to an actual worth. Another limitation had not been knowing the temperature of typically the room, because as temp boosts the stiffness of the steel decreases.

There various ways these weak points can be addressed. First of all in purchase to be able in order to count an exact quantity of oscillations, a high quality movie camera can be used. By slowing down the video it can be found with regards to the recording time, when one oscillation started and where it ended. In order to consider the mass of part of the hacksaw blade; the whole blade would need to be weighed first as well as length measured.

A ratio can then be used according to how long the distance is from the clamp to the end of the blade, and then a mass can be of the specific part of the hacksaw blade. This really is of course assuming that the mass of the hacksaw blade is spread out evenly. Next time, a particular compound of metal ought to be used; this in turn would allow the calculated values to become when compared to actual values. Typically the temperature should also end up being recorded through the beginning and the end of the test, because that has in order to be used into account whenever comparing to actual beliefs.

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