How to write abstracts for research paper?

How to write abstracts for research, and what are they needed?
Abstracts are an Appendix to your work. In my opinion, it is most convenient to write them immediately after writing the report of your speech. Although some prefer to write them in a different sequence. Explain your choice. Once you have prepared Your report (of course a great report in which you were able to emphasize all the advantages of Your work), you can be sure that in your head the information is in the most concise and at the same time complete form. It’s time to write your thesis!
Well, what are they for? The best abstracts will be collected in a collection of works of the winners, or simply a collection of the best abstracts. Your theses will help other people who read this collection to do their job better. Many will see the quality of your work. It will finally be your personal success that you can refer to; teachers and parents will be proud of you. That’s why it makes sense to do it well.
The volume of abstracts is usually two pages. Write them after writing the report, as Your report and your scientific work were much more.
The format of the page is taken, usually A4. The number of columns is different, for example, one or two columns 8.25 cm wide, the distance between the columns — 0.5 cm.
The parameters usually chosen are the following: the spacing from the edge of the page: top and bottom 2 cm; left and right — 2 cm Font — Times New Roman, 10 th or 12 th. Automatic word wrap. Each column is aligned in width.
But for such items (columns, font, fields, etc.) you should consult with your supervisor. Section names are bold and numbered. Single line spacing. Do not indent between sections. The structure of the abstract must necessarily contain all the sections:
1. Introduction.
2. Theoretical part.
3. Experimental setup (if any).
4. Measurement technique.
5. Results.
6. Error analysis.
7. Discussion of results.
8. Summary.
9. Gratitudes.
10. List of references.
So, theses are compact in form and summary of the content of the main achievements of the research work, a common form of information. Proceedings of the best conferences are published in the form of abstracts with strict rules of registration. The accepted standard is one full sheet or two sheets, the first contains the names, positions, etc. You and Your supervisor (sometimes takes photos of You and leader, of a certain size). The second sheet-contains information on the essence of your work.

This format allows you to see the essence of the work at a glance. The authors present the main result following the rule: one main idea — one article. Here-only what you are proud of in this part of all your research work.
In theses write what you have done personally, where your participation is undeniable. If the course work is done together, in the “Thanks” section, specify the participants and show their participation. If your work is part of the overall work, include it in the title of the work.

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