How to write an introduction to research?

What is the difference between research and project work?
Research is an activity aimed at obtaining new knowledge about an object or phenomenon existing in the surrounding world.
The project aims to create something that does not yet exist in order to change the surrounding reality or solve the problem.

How to choose the theme of the work?
The topic should contain a problem, i.e. it should not have an unambiguous solution or practical application.
The topic should be interesting to You personally.
The topic should be relevant.

Purpose of work.
The purpose of the research work is the desired end result, which the student plans to achieve as a result of his work.
A simple diagram of the purpose of the research work (project):
1. Select one of the words:to learn, to explore, clarify, identify, define, analyze, set, show, test, to bring the problem, to justify, to generalize, to describe, to learn, etc.
2. Add the name of the study object.

Objectives of the work.
The objectives of the research work are all successive stages of theoretical and experimental work of the student from the beginning to the end.
To determine the objectives of research, you need to consistently answer the question: “What do I do to achieve the goal of the study?ยป
Tasks are recorded in the introduction of the research work immediately after the goal.

Examples of the object and subject of research:
Object and subject of research.
Object of research: Subject of research:
magnet properties of magnets
legends and myths about mount Chatyrdag
trigonometric equations and their systems methods of root selection in trigonometric equations and systems
students and teachers of the school dependence on SMS
English sentences how and why the location of words in English sentences
family and clan customs of the country the ritual
social orphans in the rehabilitation center the process of social support and protection of orphans and children left without parental care
eye properties and structure of the eye as an optical instrument
the climate of classrooms climate in classrooms
magnetic field magnetic field in school classrooms

What are the research methods?
Methods of empirical level: Methods of experimental and theoretical level: the theoretical level:
– observation
– interview
– survey
– survey
– interview
– testing
– photography
– account
– measurement
– Experiment comparison
hypothetical study and generalization
analysis and synthesis
induction and deduction
These methods are used to study specific phenomena on the basis of which hypotheses are formed. These research methods help not only to collect facts, but also to check them, systematize, identify non-random dependencies and determine the causes and consequences. These research methods make it possible to make a logical study of the collected facts, to develop concepts and judgments, to make conclusions and theoretical generalizations.

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