William Golding’s Lord of the Flies: Conch Symbolism

The Conch’s power is presented in the very beginning on pg 22 as the children vote for Ralph to be

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies: Simon Analysis

He tries to show the boys there is no monster on the island except the fears that the boys have

William Golding’s The Lord of the Flies: Ralph Character Analysis

Ralph’s character is very realistic in this book. He’s always the one to bring reality to the island when it

William Marshal (Earl of Pembroke): Knight & Biography

At age thirteen William was sent to William De Tancarville, to begin his military training for the knighthood. William De

William Saroyan’s The Oyster and the Pearl: Summary & Analysis

Beach combing represents looking for the obstacles to get to hope. The pearl is hope. When Clay found the oyster

William Shakespeare Biography

When W.Shakespeare was four years of age, he went to a private school for both boys and girls. He was

William Shakespeare: Iago’s Motivation

Critics such as M. R. Ridley believe that the ability to hurt is the most convincing display of one’s power

William Shakespeare: Othello Character Analysis

Othello changes many times throughout the course of the play. At the beginning of the play Othello trusts Desdemona with

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: Plot Summary

In the play, the three main characters, or protagonists, are Caesar, Brutus, and Cassius. In relation to the tragedy, Caesar