Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Graphics and Design Keep the background consistent and subtle. Use only enough text when using charts or graphs to explain

Tools and Science of Archaeology

Relative and Absolute Dating Techniques (Relative-Indirect; Absolute-Direct) Before the twentieth century, archaeologist were confined to the use of relative dating

What Do Jews Believe? Jewish Practices and Rituals

To pray as a group, there must be 10 men (and/or sometimes women) over 13 years old present Service in

What is a Fraud?

That means the remaining 60 percent are potentially dishonest, that’s a total of 80 percent of employees which may be

What is Deterrence theory?

3 Principles: Severe Punishment—any criminal penalty must be severe enough to outweigh the benefits to be obtained by crime. Our

What is Diction, Syntax, Voice and Style?

Refers to the choice of words and phrases by a speaker or writer, and includes the formality of the language,

What is Peer Pressure?

= the pressure that you feel to do what others your age (individuals or groups) are doing. An example of

What is Satire?

Characteristics: Satire uses laughter as a weapon to convince the listener or reader of the author’s position. Satire “derides” a

What is the Electoral College?

Americans elect the President and Vice-president through a method of indirect popular election. On November 2, 2004, voters cast their