Thomas Robert Malthus: Food & Population

Starting with these two premises, Malthus built an argument that the population if unchecked would double every 25 years (about

Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm: Summary & Review

A badly burned man wearing a dirty hat and striped sweater with knives for finger grabs her from behind and

What are Plate Tectonics?

Plate Tectonics:  a theory that describes the formation, movements, and interactions of these plates. Continental Drift:  an early hypothesis about

What is Anthropology?

humans alive or dead. Anthropologists: Use reason to gain knowledge and insight into human kind Examine how humans live, think,

What is Cloning? Risks and Benefits

Natural cloning has always occurred as has natural selection along with evolution which has allowed organisms to evolve throughout the

What is Pantomime? Basic Principles

Basic Principles of Body Language Your chest is the key to all bodily actions. Your wrists lead most hand gestures.

What is Piety? Euthyphro & Socrates

The first definition that Euthyphro provides to Socrates is that “the pious is to do what I am doing now

What is Voice, Audience and Purpose

Audience: the people for whom the audience is written. Ways in which authors catered for their audiences. Purpose: The reason

Where are Active Volcanoes?

Examples of Active Volcanoes Soufriere Hills, Montserrat– Convergent Boundary: Caribbean & North American Plate Mount Oyama, Japan– Convergent Boundary: Eurasia